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06 Sep 2010
The super star of the home business world, Don Glanville, is the man behind new home marketing business opportunity, GiveOpp. This much talked about project has been around for months, but up until July 4 was operating in stealth mode while plenty of work went on behind the scenes. Following the global launch on Independence Day, GiveOpp is now up and running and ready for members to sign up for the chance to gain financial independence and prosperity for themselves and their families.

Don Glanville is already famous for his previous involvements in hugely successful ventures, Liberty League International and the Global Resorts Network. Mr. Glanville created his first marketing system back in the mid 2000’s and hit the big time with...

04 May 2010
Nowadays, health conscious people are being inspired by the Dr. Bob Arnot Mila Seed. Even if they don’t know anything regarding Mila Seed Scam. They call it a new business endeavor in which they are participating and getting benefited. Factually, they are consuming Mila Seed and staying at the top of their health because this raw food contains Omega 3, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, fiber, protein, selenium, phosphorus and antioxidants in large.

Statistics divulges that American Medical Association, WebMD, JAMA and other medical schools know Mila Seed as a nutritional seed that is good for heart disease, anti aging, weight loss, maintaining healthy blood pressure, menopause, gastro intestinal health, osteoporosis, mental...

26 Feb 2010
I am so glad visa has come to the rescue of the acai berry scam victims. What I’ve lost is lost, but at least the initiative by Visa to sack the accounts of over 100 acai scammers will to a great extent prevent further damage.

Fewer scammers will translate into fewer free acai trials and so, ultimately, fewer victims of these forced continuity scams. When my neighbor expressed her enthusiasm for the banning like this, I was sure there were many who shared the same sentiments. Along with the buyers, this measure will even help the genuine acai sellers online. With this, the faith of public in acai (tarnished due to the scams) will be reinstated. So, the decision by visa to expel the scammers is a multi-benefit package! It may be a slow...

05 Feb 2010
Acai Berry is one of the most successful products sold on the Internet. This success can be attributed to the media attention the fruit and its products are getting. Famous people are using it and some doctors are recommending it to their patients. Because of these, people are enticed in using the product. Hundreds of companies capitalize on the fruit and thousands of online merchant sites have been created.

The Acai Berry originates from the beaches of Peru and Brazil. The fruit is already cultivated as part of the daily diet of the inhabitants for quite some time now. It is a good source of energy and anti-oxidants. The fruit contains about 30 times more antioxidants than the average blueberries. Since the number of people of using...

05 Feb 2010
If you are looking for an open source file-sharing program in the Internet, then you might want to try Ares. This program will allow you to share your files to your peers digitally. Some of the files that you can share with your peers are video files, images, software, and audio files. You can also try to share other programs or files that you have in mind.

Another reason why it is a good idea to use Ares download is the fact that you can download the shared files faster than other programs. The reason for this is that the program looks for different sources so that it can allow you to have a faster download. Furthermore, you can be sure that the downloading will be much faster because the program works behind firewalls. You also...

22 Dec 2009

Did you remember to pick up the dry cleaning? What about picking up milk last time you were at the store? Did you remember to take your acai berry supplement? With the hustle and bustle of today’s world, so many of us just don’t have time to do everything, and we oftenforget to take our multivitamins and other supplements. This isespecially true if the supplements are supposed to be taken withfood.

Most of us grab a bagel or donut for breakfast as we rush out the door, but mostof us also take a multivitamin. It’s easy enough, then, to takethe vitamin and acai berry product at the same time and then eat ourbreakfast. Lunch, though, can be more difficult. Even if we takeour lunch break instead of eating at our desks, we still...

21 Dec 2009

Pyxism is one of the newly launched home based business opportunities in the discount travel industry. It employs an effective 2 by 3 forced matrix compensation plan which has become popular with already successful business such as TVI Express and Dream Style Vacations.

Veteran home business owner Lloyd Wilson is running Pyxism and it just so happens that he is one of the most distinguished names in the discount travel industry, with over 10 years of experience as a network marketer. Out of all his marketing ventures, he has spent the last four years with the discount travel industry. Perfect profit yielding opportunities with reputation are the two things that set Pyxism apart.

The Perfect Choice

Pyxism is structured in such a way that it...

30 Nov 2009
Ares Vista is a very efficient file sharing program which creates a wonderful peer-to-peer experience. P2P is a standard approach of file sharing which is popular despite the fact that there is positive and negative publicity. Surely, Ares Vista wins the present and future!

Some Windows Interference

Windows Vista operating system has a comprehensive security feature which interfered with older versions of Ares. The security aspect created serious problems for all users with every P2P application. Ares Vista was created to circumvent the earlier problems and not compromise Windows Vista’s security feature. There is always an element of doubt if Ares Vista can fly past the firewall configurations. The good news on this aspect is that,...